Studio Parties

At our studio parties you get the run of the place. We close the studio for 3 hours of sewing shenanigans. You can decorate however you like and, of course, bring snacks and beverages.

Kids Birthday Parties

You choose one project to sew or craft for your birthday party and we provide three hours of instruction, space and fun! Bring decorations, food/drink and your supplies and we will help you get all set up for your party.


Class Size:  5-10 children (up to 14 depending on the project)

Price Per Child:  $20 (does not include project supplies, usually $3-5 per child)

Length of Reservation:  3 hours

Snacks and Beverages:  Feel free to bring any snacks, food, beverages you would like.

Decorations:  You can decorate the Collective however you like. We’re happy to discuss with you!

Projects:  The world is your oyster. Check out our Gallery to find ideas.

Here are two, ready to print, invitations for you to get the party started: Version 1; Version 2

You can also use the Collective for your next party space. Reservations start at $100 for three hours. Simply Contact Us to reserve your next birthday party.