Party and Event Rental - Terms and Conditions


Cotton Cuts Collective offers complimentary usage of our sewing machines, irons and cutting tables for all events held at the Collective. Notions will also be provided for machines as well as thread, scissors and pins, if needed.  Equipment used for Cotton Cuts (the online business) may not be used by clients or guests for safety concerns. 

Event Reservations

An Event will be officially reserved once a deposit has been received. Deposit will be applied to the cost of the Event, or retained by Cotton Cuts Collective, as provided in the payments paragraph below. 


Payment will be due in accordance with the terms in the preceding portion of this Agreement. If payments are not received by Cotton Cuts Collective by the required dates, participation and responsibility for the Event is subject to termination. If other payment arrangements are desired, a formal request must be completed, to Cotton Cuts Event Coordinator. If Cotton Cuts cancels an event due to non-payment, Cotton Cuts will retain all payments received, including the reservation deposit. 


Cotton Cuts, as the operator under the consumption liquor license, is not responsible for the administration, distribution, and service of all alcoholic beverages in compliance with existing liquor laws. It is mandatory that all liquor and wine be supplied and dispensed by the Client or Client's guests. 


Cotton Cuts Collective must be notified, in writing, the exact number of guests attending, three days prior to the event. If the number increases thereafter, every attempt will be made to accommodate within the confines of the Collective. 


Cotton Cuts reserves the right to inspect and control all Events, but is not responsible or liable for any injury or damage to persons or property not caused directly by Cotton Cuts or its employees. Damage to the property at the premises by the Client or Client's guests will be charged to and is the responsibility and liability of the Client. Cotton Cuts is not responsible for personal property and equipment brought onto the premises by the Client, Client's guests, or Client’s subcontractors. 


All decorations, any equipment and subcontractors providing them, must be pre-approved by Cotton Cuts before installation. Nothing will be stapled or taped to the walls. Confetti and glitter are not allowed. ONLY non-drip candles are allowed. Set up time is included in the event duration and all decorations and equipment must be removed at the conclusion of the Event, unless prior arrangements have been made. 


There are no public restrooms for use at the Collective.  Clients must plan to staff appropriately as the closest restrooms are in the food court (down an escalator) or by Macy’s.  Cotton Cuts employees cannot escort Clients, Client’s guests or subcontractors to the restroom. 


The beginning or ending time of the Event may not be changed the day of the Event without approval from Cotton Cuts Event Coordinator. Client, client’s guests, and client’s support staff, are required to depart from Cotton Cuts Collective Private Event Space at the conclusion of the Event, unless prior arrangements have been approved.  


All cancellations must be made in written form. If Cotton Cuts receives written notice from Client, informing Cotton Cuts that they wish to cancel their Event, Cotton Cuts will attempt to re-book the date and time slot of the canceled Event.  If Cotton Cuts is successful in re-booking the slot, Cotton Cuts will refund to Client all deposits paid. If the Event slot cannot be re-booked, all deposits will be forfeited. 

Excused Non-Performance

If for any reason beyond its control, including but not limited to: strikes, labor disputes, accidents, government requisitions, restrictions or regulations on travel, commodities or supplies, acts of war, or acts of God, Cotton Cuts is not able to perform its obligations under this Agreement, such non-performance is excused and Cotton Cuts may terminate this Agreement without further liability of any nature upon return of the deposit of the Client. Cotton Cuts shall not be liable for any consequential damages for any reason. 

Event Conduct

The Client assumes full responsibility for the conduct of all persons attending the Event and for any damage to Cotton Cuts premises or property while occupying the Event Space or at any time the premises is under control of the Client, Client's agents, invitees, employees, or independent contractors. 


The Client agrees to and hereby indemnifies and holds harmless, Cotton Cuts, against any and all claims, liabilities, or costs, including reasonable attorney's fees whether by reason of personal injury or death or property damage or otherwise arising out of or connected with the Event caused or contributed to by the intentional acts or negligence of the Client or Client's guests, invitees or agents or independent contractors. 

Attorney fees

In the event Cotton Cuts is required to engage the services of an attorney to collect any amounts due under this Agreement, protect its interests under this Agreement in any way, or defend against claims asserted under this Agreement, and if the Cotton Cuts is successful in any litigation or proceedings, the Client will be liable and responsible for all of Cotton Cuts costs and reasonable attorney's fees.